Concept art provided to me by Sean Higgins.

Concept art by Sean Higgins

Hero and Ability Data for Nouri

Fortune Seeker

A traveling collector of trinkets, seeking her fortune from the spoils of combat.

Traits: Treasure Hunting, Motivation, Expedition

Magical Fighter


Ability 1 - Aegis of Splendor

  • Gesturing with her hands, Nouri directs her cache of enchanted reliquaries to protect herself from harm... but only for as long as she remains focused.
  • Enters a defense state, disabling basic attacks and granting herself a 71.4K Health Shield for 8 seconds.

Ability 2 - Dazzling Scimitar

  • Every so often, the floating sabre beside Nouri begins to gleam, temporarily endowing her with a burst of unparalleled agility.
  • Each basic attack has a 7% chance to grant Nouri 195% Basic Attack Speed for 5 seconds.

Ability 3 - Miraculous Curio

  • Through her travels in Atlantis, Nouri has learned new ways to augment her reliquaries, empowering their protective barrier to also restore her vitality.
  • Aegis of Splendor additionally cleanses one debuff from Nouri and heals herself for 15.4K health.

Ability 4 - Open Sesame

  • By invoking a familiar magical phrase during combat, one of her assorted treasure chests may open and bestow Nouri with additional endurance. 
  • Every basic attack has a 10% chance to grant Nouri a 7.3K Health Shield for 5 seconds.

ICE - Reflective Ice

  • Aegis of Splendor additionally reflects 3.2K Magical Damage back to all enemies while the barrier persists.

FIRE - Tempered Treasures

  • Aegis of Splendor additionally grants Nouri 100% Life Steal for 12 seconds.


Armed with a cache of enchanted treasure, ranging from weapons and equipment to antique trinkets, the search for fortune and excitement has lead Nouri to the war-torn lands of Atlantis. 

Although she had an opulent lifestyle at home, Nouri longed for wealth and success in her own right. Not content to just wait around for her inheritance, she absconded from the family estate and began to plunder burial places of the affluent. Nouri reasoned that the belongings of the deceased were free for the taking and she saw their tombs are her personal emporium. It wasn’t just riches she discovered in the crypts, but also powerful relics that could aid her in combat.