Concept art by Sean Higgins.

Concept art by Sean Higgins

Hero and Ability Data for Imbrus

Cyclopian Sage

An amiable Cyclops with a very long view of the future and his place in it.

Traits: Support, Research, Meditation

Magical Supportive Artillery


Ability 1 - Eye of the Erudite

  • When Sage Imbrus invokes his incredible visionary powers, the resulting blast leaves a wake of ocular fallout affecting anyone near the focal point.
  • Deals 17.5K Magical Damage to his enemy. Enemies near the impact have their Magical and Physical Defense decreased by 17.2% for 10 seconds. Allies near the impact have their Magical and Physical Defense increased by 17.2% for 10 seconds.

Ability 2 - Wise Tutelage

  • Fighting alongside Sage Imbrus presents a unique opportunity to be mentored in the sacred art of spellcasting by a true master.
  • The ally deployed to the right of Imbrus gains 56.4% increased Magical Penetration.

Ability 3 - The Master’s Vision

  • As his Erudite Eye pulses with overwhelming energy, Imbrus rears up on his terror bird and signals that now is the time to strike.
  • Eye of the Erudite now additionally grants the ally initially deployed to the right of him 3.2K Magical Ability Power for 10 seconds.

Ability 4 - Vitreous Foresight

  • Imbrus recognizes his place in the future that unfurls before him like a long scroll of time and has already come prepared to win the battle.
  • Grants all allies 222 Magical Penetration.

ICE - Polar Acumen

  • Following 3 basic attacks, the next attack deals 16K Magical Damage and grants the most damaged ally a 16K Health Shield for 10 seconds.

FIRE - Burning Insight

  • Eye of the Erudite additionally deals 12K Magical Damage to surrounding enemies and heals surrounding allies for 12K health. 


Those that know Sage Imbrus can attest to his good tempered and patient nature. But enemies that misjudge him as just another dumb, ill mannered Cyclops are in for a shock when his Erudite Eye turns its gaze upon them…

Long ago, the Cyclopian Sage Imbrus witnessed his own journey to the Atlantean capital. He foresaw the battles he would participate in and the lost, ancient knowledge that he would help uncover. Maintaining the vision of this future would take years of preparing, researching, and meditating, but it would be worth it. The allies Imbrus would make along the way, and the enemies he would face, spurred him to wholly focus his energy on the task at hand.

“The future is only as certain as you make it.” - High Sage Imbrus