Concept art by Chris Wilhelm.

Concept art by Sean Higgins

Story Beats and Dialogue for Chapter 5 - Into the Automata Jungle

 C5E1 - Welcome to the Jungle

  • The Gaian Groves are sovereign dominion of the Children of Talos and their aggression heretofore means we are marching straight into hostile territory.

C5E2 - Hunter’s Game

  • Flanked by Talos defenders, the fearless hunter from the caverns appears to have been stalking us for some time. We must be vigilant to avoid becoming his prey.

  1. [Briarus: My spear will be your end!]

C5E3 - Crystal Supplements

  • The unearthed Atlantean crystals pile up everywhere, making it difficult to navigate the gnarled jungle. Their endowments strengthen and embolden us, but at what cost?

C5E4 - The Resplendent Source

  • We’ve caught Phaidon in the act of hastily repairing some defunct Children of Talos, but how is that even possible? We need to be wary of his bodyguard too…

  1. [Phaidon: Just one more crystal ought to do it… ah ha!]
  2. [Player: Did he just… restore a Talos defender with an Atlantean crystal?!]
  3. [Phaidon: Good as new, no? These precious secrets of yours are coming in quite handy.]
  4. [Player: Grrr… Get him!]

C5E5 - Warriors of Faith

  • The rise in Talos activity has drawn the attention of the jungle’s premier storm priest, Sobekos. Together with Jocasta, they intend to disrupt all abettors, including us.

  1. [Sobekos: The Children of Talos and their allies will break before the fury of the storm!]
  2. [Player: We have no quarrel with you, priest.]
  3. [Sobekos: Quarrels are meaningless to the wind.]

C5E6 - Mera in the Groves

  • As if the Children of Talos weren’t bad enough, now we also have to contend with agitated merfolk. Why are they here on dry land?

C5E7 - Seeds of Discord

  • The secluded Mera are usually amiable and good-natured, but something is definitely inciting them to assault us without provocation.

C5E8 - Virulent Flames

  • A band of spirits and sorcerers, led by the Serpent Witch herself, have made camp in an open area where plants cease to grow. We should proceed with caution.

  1. [Iola: You wretches to dare attack me again?]

C5E9 - Mineral Delirium

  • The Mera grow more numerous and more frenzied than before. Reports from our scouts indicate overexposure to piles of unearthed Atlantean crystals could be the cause.

C5E10 - Weight of the Land

  • A Mera explorer from the shores of Gaian Grove has made landfall near our garrison. While not influenced by the crystals, she still sees us as an enemy.

  1. [Megara: What have you done to my tribe? Where are the others?]
  2. [Player: Just calm down, I’m sure we can help—]
  3. [Megara: I will not let you destroy my home as you have these lands!]
  4. [Player: Uh oh, we’d better get ready for a fight.]

C5E11 - Ruin of the Elders

  • Along an overgrown path, we discover an ancient Children of Talos carving depicting the great war between the two fabled brothers of Atlantis.

C5E12 - Talos Rebellion

  • Another carving details the Talos gaining their freedom and independence. Not content to serve as Atlantean puppets, they rebelled against their creators.

C5E13 - Rising Force

  • Other conspirators covet the power bestowed by Atlantean crystals and will go to any lengths for more. They do not realize the adverse effects such power can impart…

  1. [Tethoros: The only thing I got left for you scrum will be my shell shield smashing up your faces!]

C5E14 - Steel Meets Steel

  • As we near the border to Poseidon's Fracture, the Knight of the Trine emerges from the thicket, intent on intercepting our convoy.

  1. [Jocasta: The precious Atlantean Crystals… Their secrets must not fall into the hands of—]
  2. [Player: The unjust and impure, right? Yeah yeah, we heard you before!]
  3. [Player again: She still thinks we’re the bad guys...]

C5E15 - Fatal Attraction

  • The automaton Queen of Talos appears to be consorting with an vampiric-looking toxophilite, drawn to the fringes of Gaian Groves from a land far beyond our own.

  1. [Eryx: This energy is exactly what I need to feel alive again!]
  2. [Kahara: …]
  3. [Player: Um… are we interrupting something?]
  4. [Eryx: These crystals are mine! Get your own!]